My First Blog

The first thing that came in my mind while starting this was m I too late to start blogging…..and than I thought better now then never. Anyways i believe that everything will come to you at the right time.

Everything comes to you at the right time.So be patient and trust the process.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, let me give you some basic details about me, I m Apoorva Dwivedi, a Telecommunication Engineer. I stay in Mumbai,India.I have created this page to let everyone have a small window to peep inside my world and how the world treats me. I would like covering different experiences, explore different places, learn from different emotions. I  would touch all aspects of my life be it travel ( which I do a lot.), job, family, relatives ,friends ,love,health, wealth everything.


This is me and I hope you guys will enjoy my journey with me…..!!!

Hang on till I write next.