What to Do?

Recently I somehow have started observing things/people around me  more closely.What I inferred was everyone is stuck in their own set of problems or situations and is wondering what to do ? People looking around to seek help thinking someone can tell them how to deal with the situation or how to overcome the problem.

But what they don’t realize is that the person advising them might himself be facing some situation/crisis/unresolved issues/loss.In this infinite world people never fail to astound me.On one hand some behave as if they don’t want to interfere in others matter, some might seem unfriendly, some unobliging, some  unsympathetic ,showing indifference but when it comes on giving advice they turn into a benefactor…..giving solutions pretending as if they have been through the same pain or situation like they know how things work but the truth is they just have some experience either their own or of someone else which they thing might get you out of your problem.

But have you ever realized no two people will have exactly same problem for instance …if you fail in your exam, there might be another person who is also failing but he will have different background,different family situation, different type of pressure/stress and a different reason to fail…(ultimately didn’t study but why he couldn’t ?). The point I am trying to make here is It’s your problem/situation and no one has gone through the same thing.

So then WHAT TO DO?

What I think is collecting experiences of other people and listening to their advice will definitely help you to broaden your perspective towards the situation but ultimately it’s your call. No one but you alone will bear the consequences of your actions & decisions so

  • Filter every thing you collected and analyse it.
  • Think about what if it doesn’t work?
  • Try to have a back up plan.
  • Improve your lifestyle(it really helps by broadening your outlook towards the situation)
  • keep improving , keep changing.

My First Blog

The first thing that came in my mind while starting this was m I too late to start blogging…..and than I thought better now then never. Anyways i believe that everything will come to you at the right time.

Everything comes to you at the right time.So be patient and trust the process.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, let me give you some basic details about me, I m Apoorva Dwivedi, a Telecommunication Engineer. I stay in Mumbai,India.I have created this page to let everyone have a small window to peep inside my world and how the world treats me. I would like covering different experiences, explore different places, learn from different emotions. I  would touch all aspects of my life be it travel ( which I do a lot.), job, family, relatives ,friends ,love,health, wealth everything.


This is me and I hope you guys will enjoy my journey with me…..!!!

Hang on till I write next.